Labyrinth Literary Agency provides a range of agency and editorial services. We do not accept any physical submissions nor do we take responsibility for the safekeeping or archiving of your submissions.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

  1. Email ac(at)labyrinthagency(dot)com with the subject line: manuscript submission (fiction/non-fiction).

  2. It must contain a synopsis not exceeding two pages, the first two chapters and an author bio not exceeding one page.

  3. The submission must be in Calibri 11 size font.

If you do not hear from us within two weeks, please assume we won't be taking it on.

Advice Guidelines 

This is for authors with whom we do not have a business relationship. 

Due to the large number of requests we receive from authors or prospective authors for publishing advice, they are impossible to attend to without interfering with our work day. Here are a couple of ways to proceed:

  1. If the advice you seek falls in the category of general publishing advice, book/content industry insights, or does not require manuscript evaluation, then make a donation to a charity I support. INR 5000 will buy a wheelchair for someone who deserves it - Once you make the donation we will have a phone/skype call to discuss your matter.

  2. If you would like specific editorial insights into your manuscript, this is a paid for service, the cost would depend on the complexity of the service required.

Editorial services
Email ac(at)labyrinthagency(dot)com with your query.

The Labyrinth Literary Agency receives a commission on domestic and foreign sales. We may employ a sub-agent for sale of film rights or foreign rights. Our commission will be charged on net receipts.